Controversy: Ghana Atomic Energy Commission Abrogates MOU With Keshe Foundation

Joseph-Albert Kuuire
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There was a story recently reported that Ghana was preparing to build a spaceship launch pad, which would be a first in Africa. The deal was between the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission and the Keshe Foundation.

But now, it looks like there’s a bit of controversy with the deal.

The Ghana Atomic Energy Commission which signed an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Keshe Foundation in 2016 has reportedly been abrogated. Professor Nyarko of the Commission is said to have abrogated the MOU because the scientific proposals by Mr. Keshe weren’t “very helpful”.

Professor Nyarko said the following:

“They came with some scientific proposals we were looking at. After looking at it we found out that it wasn’t very helpful,” he said, adding that “we have to abrogate the MoU which we had to study the theories, especially those with medical claims. We later found that we can’t have any scientific proofs and so we abrogated the MoU.”

No money from the commission had been committed to the project according to Professor Nyarko.

“We didn’t commit any money. Keshe was to give us some money. There will be a share of profits when he starts commercial production. We just gave him space. We just gave him an opportunity to speak. We gave him an office space to start the lab work,” he said.


Keshe Foundation and MOU Details

The Keshe Foundation has in the past made claims of scientific breakthroughs including having the cure for diabetes and HIV/AIDS which he claimed was done though the use of plasma technology using natural methods.

The MOU, which has since been abrogated, included training included training graduates from the Graduate School of Nuclear Sciences.

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Source: Ghana Business News

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