Figma Unveils New Redesign and AI Integration Features At Config 2024

New AI tools and a presentation feature was announced

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire Labari AI 3 Min Read

Figma, the popular interface design tool, has recently announced a significant redesign and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) features that promise to revolutionize the way designers work.


The unveiling took place during the Config 2024 conference, where Figma showcased a suite of new capabilities aimed at enhancing user experience and streamlining the design process.

The redesign introduces a more approachable user interface (UI), with resizable panels and a new toolbar positioned at the bottom of the canvas for quick access to features. This thoughtful update is designed to improve ergonomics and cater to a wide range of users, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

AI Integration

One of the new features unveiled was the AI design tools. These tools are set to elevate the workflows of professional designers by automating mundane tasks and offering intelligent suggestions.

Features such as “Make designs,” which allows the creation of mobile and web UI mocks through text prompts, and “Visual search,” which enables users to browse their team’s work for inspiration or specific designs, are just the tip of the iceberg.

The “Name layers” function can contextually rename and organize layers in a file with a single click, and AI-powered prototypes can wire static mocks into working prototypes without manual steps.

Moreover, Figma’s AI capabilities extend to automating tedious tasks like adding realistic text, translating, adjusting tone, creating images, and removing image backgrounds, all within the Figma platform.

Figma Slides: Presentation Feature

In addition to these features, Figma has also introduced a new product called Figma Slides.

This tool combines the power and precision of Figma with easy-to-use slide functionality, allowing both designers and collaborators to create and deliver interactive presentations.

It supports co-creation with features like comments, chat, audio, and an organized grid view, making the presentation process as smooth as the final product looks.

Between The Lines

Figma AI is launching in a limited beta beginning on Wednesday, and interested users can get on the waitlist. Figma says the beta period will run through the end of the year.

While in beta, Figma’s AI tools will be free, but the company says it might have to introduce “usage limits.” Figma is also promising “clear guidance on pricing” when the AI features officially launch.

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