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Why are Ghana’s Elite Not Investing in Local Tech Startups?

This is a piece I’ve been longing to write, not just because…

By Chris 6 Min Read

How Technology Could Help With Incidents Like Last Night’s #GasExplosion

Last night, an explosion struck Ghana, again. Credible News outlets reported that…

By Chris 7 Min Read

NCA Gives Conditional Approval For The Tigo and Airtel Merger To Move Forward

It would appear that the National Communications Authority (NCA) has finally granted conditional…

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 1 Min Read

Ghana National ID Registration Pushed Back To November 2017

Earlier in the year, the Ghana Government stated that the National ID…

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 2 Min Read

Hacked! ICT Audit Report Shows That Kenya Elections Were Compromised

Today, Kenya's Supreme Court annulled the Kenya Elections due to several irregularities…

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 6 Min Read

Airtel and Tigo Merger Deal Faces Delay By Government, Raising Anxiety and Concerns

It's been five months since it was announced that Airtel and Tigo…

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 3 Min Read

Deadline Pushers: Ghana’s Digital TV Migration Pushed To 2018

This news is totally expected but nonetheless, very disappointing. The Government of…

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 2 Min Read

Update: DVLA To Introduce New Drivers Licences Starting On July 18th

Update It looks like the Ministry Of Transport is SUSPENDING the issuance…

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 3 Min Read

Update: National Identification Authority To Issue “Instant” ID Cards Starting September 15th

Update: The new date for the proposed National ID will begin in…

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 2 Min Read