How To: Activate an eSIM on AT Ghana

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 2 Min Read

AT Ghana (formerly AirtelTigo) was the first telco in Ghana to offer eSIM services. With an eSIM, users will not need a physical SIM card to access AT Ghana’s services.

Here’s a guide on how to activate your eSIM with AT Ghana.

(Note: The process is more manual)

Step 1: Check eSIM Compatibility

Before you begin, ensure your device is eSIM compatible. You can do this by dialing *#06# on your device. If it supports eSIM, “EID” will appear at the beginning of the code displayed on your screen.

Step 2: Visit an AT Ghana Customer Care Centre

Head to the nearest AT Ghana customer care center with a valid national ID. The AT Ghana staff will assist with the activation process.

Step 5: Scan the QR Code

You will need to scan a QR Code with your device. This is done by going to “Settings,” selecting “Mobile Data,” and then “Add Data Plan.” Scan the QR code and label your eSIM.

Your existing SIM will continue to work during this period.

Important Points to Remember

  • The QR code is unique and can only be used once on a single device.
  • Do not select the “Delete” option from the eSIM settings as this will permanently delete the eSIM profile.

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