Jetstream Africa Officially Launches JetVision, Its AI Platform To Revolutionize Cross Border Trade In Africa

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 4 Min Read

Jetstream Africa, the continent’s leading digital freight forwarder by shipment growth and capital raised, has officially launched its product,, an artificial intelligence platform designed to revolutionize cross-border trade in Africa.

About Jetstream Africa

Founded in 2018, Jetstream has rapidly become a pivotal player in Africa’s e-logistics sector, distinguished by its substantial West African customer base, and the impressive amount of equity and debt capital it has raised. Jetstream’s expertise in leveraging technology to ease the friction involved in logistics and financing process has positioned it as a crucial enabler of economic growth in Africa.

Driving The News, Jetstream’s proprietary e-logistics and financing platform, aims to bring together Africa’s 50,000 freight forwarders and 2 million export and import businesses with AI-enabled process automation, document management, and trade financing, as well as API integrations for insurance, payments, and other key trade support services.

Jetvision Platform

The platform is designed to boost growth and profitability, and significantly decrease the time required for goods to move across African borders.

Why This Matters

The launch of comes after a year of rapid growth in the number of shipments Jetstream tracked and managed on its predecessor software platform, Jetvision 1.0.

Jetvision 1.0 was an internal tool built for Jetstream operations and finance staff, which enabled it to grow monthly shipment volumes per customer by 44% year over year. With financing and Jetvision, customers could double their volumes in a year.

What They’re Saying represents our commitment to innovation and our dedication to supporting Africa’s trade ecosystem,” said Dede Miishe Addy, CEO of Jetstream Africa. “By integrating AI into our operations, we’re not only optimizing logistics and financing but also empowering businesses everywhere to thrive in the global market.”

Before Jetvision, most of our operations were managed on spreadsheets, emails and WhatsApp chats. When we launched the platform internally, we saw how quickly our ground operations teams embraced it. Within a few weeks, they were going back to it multiple times a day to manage and track shipments.” said Solomon Torbgor, COO of Jetstream.

We added finance and accounting features mid-year, and it was a gamechanger in improving collaboration between our operations and finance teams. That showed us a path forward to open up Jetvision to the full industry,” he added.

What Happens Next

In 2023, the company successfully facilitated the logistics and financing of over 700 containers, showcasing its significant impact on trade sectors such as agriculture, clean energy, pharma, and consumer goods.

With plans to expand into Africa’s 13 highest-volume trading markets in the next two years, Jetstream’s introduction of is a step forward in creating a sustainable and efficient trade ecosystem in Africa.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Jetstream is not only addressing current logistical and financing challenges but also anticipating the future needs of cross-border trade in Africa.

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