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Why MTN’s Ayoba App Is A Game Changer For The Africa Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

First, some context. Global VC funding in 2020 was $300.5 billion across

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 5 Min Read

Big Tech in African Fintech

I ended my May 2021 essay with the hypothesis “…leading fintechs might

By Eric Osiakwan 7 Min Read

Opinion: Luno’s View On Nigeria With Cryptocurrency

Nigeria is among the world’s biggest users of cryptocurrency. We have worked

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 3 Min Read

Ghana For Startups: Pivoting From A Tourist Attraction To A Tech-Nation

It will not be overrated to state that the “Year of Return”

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 15 Min Read

E-Learning And The Negative And Positive Impacts It Has Made In Ghana

E-learning is the use of electronic technology to access educational curriculum outside

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 5 Min Read

Digitization Of Public Services In Ghana Needs Be The Norm In The Wake Of COVID19

For some reason or another, Ghanaian public services have been slow to

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 5 Min Read

What Happened To PayPal Going “Live” In Ghana In 2019?

Last year, Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia made a comment at an event

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 4 Min Read

Opinion: Face App Your Privacy Away

There's a new viral sensation happening at the moment. No, it's not

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 3 Min Read

Uber Ghana Pushes Their Safety Features But Can That Repair Their Reputation?

On a wet Friday morning, Tech Nova attended a media briefing organised

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 9 Min Read
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