Introducing Labari Insights, Our Data Product

Today, we’re introducing the beta version of our data product called “Labari Insights“. Over the years, we’ve gathered multiple data points on tech companies and media and we have decided to build a front-end product to display that information. Details Built on a no-code platform called Softr, Labari Insights will first feature tech company directories […]

Telecel Ghana Is Having A Rough Time After Its Rebrand

On March 12th, 2024, Vodafone Ghana officially rebranded to Telecel Ghana. Telecel Ghana gained full control over various operations previously managed by Vodafone, including fixed telephone lines, internet services, voice and data services, as well as cash transfer and other business services. The transition followed the acquisition of a 70% majority stake in Vodafone Ghana by the Telecel […]

Op-Ed: Empowering Africa’s Entrepreneurs: The Critical Role of ESOs in Africa’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

In 2018, Immy Nakyeyune embarked on a transformative journey, founding Mkazipreneur with a resolute mission: to support women entrepreneurs across Africa. Through strategic funding and purposeful partnerships, Mkazipreneur in Uganda has trained over 10,000 women entrepreneurs and transformed non-tech-enabled, women-led SMEs into technologically adept enterprises. The organization has also played a pivotal role in facilitating […]

Nearly Two-Thirds of People in Central and West Africa Who Have Experienced Disasters Received No Warning 

A new report by a global safety charity has highlighted significant gaps in access to disaster early warning systems in Central and West Africa, emphasising how much progress remains to be made by the UN’s ‘Early Warnings for All’ initiative. Details The report also highlighted the region – alongside the other three African subregions – […]

Global Tech Africa (GTA) Conference 2024 Is Set To Drive Tech Innovation Across Africa

The Global Tech Africa (GTA) Conference, 2024 is returning for the second year with the theme: Global Collaborations, Local Transformations. The conference will be hosted between the 24th – 26th of July 2024 at the Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos. GTA is the leading platform for collaboration between African and international tech stakeholders; by […]

Education, Career, and Financial Situation Are The Top Reasons Africans Want To Relocate For Work

According to a new report from Boston Consulting Group, the majority of Africans surveyed stated the reasons for possible relocations to foreign countries for work. The top three responses included career considerations, financial and economic reasons, and better education/training opportunities. In addition, here are the top countries Africans would consider relocating to:

Ghana’s Tech Ecosystem Valued at $2.6 Billion in 2023 – Global Startup Ecosystem Report

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2024 provides insights into the world’s leading startup ecosystems, emerging trends, and key challenges facing entrepreneurs. It is based on extensive research and analysis of data from 4.5 million startups across 300 global ecosystems and over a decade of independent research and providing policy advice to more than 160 economic […]

Have Uganda’s Digital ID Cards Become a Tool for Mass Surveillance?

In the digital age, identity verification is crucial for accessing a wide range of services. Uganda’s implementation of digital ID cards, known as the Ndaga Muntu, was a step towards modernizing identification processes and improving service delivery. However, the rollout has not been without its challenges, particularly regarding surveillance and the exclusion of marginalized groups. […]

Podcast: Using ChitChat for Money Transfers in Africa with Perseus Mlambo (CEO of Union54)

On today’s podcast show, we spoke with Perseus Mlambo, CEO of Union54 and creator of the social commerce platform ChitChat. In 2023, ChitChat officially launched in partnership with Mastercard which was integrated into ChitChat’s payments and USD Debit Card features to enable the issuance of cards in African markets, beginning with Angola, Tanzania, and Ghana. […]

Is MTN’s Exclusion From Ghana’s Upcoming 5G Neutral Network a Play At Balancing Competition?

In a significant move to advance Ghana’s digital infrastructure, the government, in collaboration with seven industry players, has established the Next-Gen Infrastructure Company (NGIC) to deploy a shared 5G network across the nation. This consortium includes Ascend Digital, K-NET, Radisys, Nokia, Tech Mahindra, and two local telcos—AT Ghana and Telecel Ghana. However, one major player […]