SpaceX Starts Selling Its New Starlink Mini Device To Early Starlink Customers

It's currently invite-only for early Starlink Customers

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire Labari AI 1 Min Read

SpaceX has officially started offering its Starlink Mini product, a compact and portable satellite dish, to early Starlink customers to purchase.


Early Starlink customers have been sent email invites to purchase the Starlink Mini Kit for $599 and bundle the Mini Roam service with their existing Residential service plan for an additional $30 per month.

The Starlink Mini boasts a built-in Wi-Fi router and a single Ethernet port, encapsulating the power of the internet in a device weighing approximately 3 pounds. Its size is comparable to an Apple MacBook.

The device is 63% lighter than the standard Starlink dish and has max download speeds of over 100 Mbps.

Starlink Mini deliveries will start in July.

Between The Lines

Currently, purchase of the Starlink Mini is invite-only but SpaceX is expected to officially sell the device to consumers later this year at a reduced price.

Source: Sawyer Merrit (X)

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