Stables Partners with Yellow Card to Bring Its Stablecoin Service to Africa

The partnership will allow secure transactions for millions of users across 15 African countries

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 1 Min Read

Stables, an Australian stablecoin payment startup, has ventured into the African market through a strategic collaboration with Yellow Card.


The collaboration between Stables and Yellow Card opens the door to seamless, cost-effective, and secure transactions for millions of users across 15 African countries to start, with many more to come.

What They’re Saying

Bernardo Bilotta, co-founder of Stables, is enthusiastic about the venture, recognising Africa as a vibrant market with immense scalability potential. “We see tremendous opportunity in Africa, driven by the growing demand for stablecoins. For us, this launch enables us to make a profound impact on the everyday lives of Africans and their financial health and options,”.

Chris Maurice, CEO and co-founder of Yellow Card, said, “Stables’ robust team and cutting-edge technology, together with Yellow Card’s innovative Payments API, will empower even more customers to access and utilise financial services more effectively.

Africa is the Stablecoins continent, so there is no more natural place for the Stables team to expand.”

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Joseph-Albert Kuuire is the creator, editor, and journalist at Tech Labari. Email: Twitter: @jakuuire
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