Wahu Mobility Inaugurates Its Factory For Local Production Of EV Bikes In Ghana

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 2 Min Read

Wahu Mobility, a Ghanaian Electric Mobility startup that manufactures EV bikes, has inaugurated its first local factory for local production of EV bikes.

Valerie Labi, CEO of Wahu Mobility, said the company intended to produce 200 electric bikes every month for the domestic and international markets, with a possibility of employing more than 3,000 employees towards the end of the year.


The Wahu bikes run on two rechargeable batteries and can go up to 140 kilometres on a single charge.

Wahu Mobility Bike

She said the company would create jobs for the youth in partnership with other stakeholders in the sector.

What They’re Saying

Ms Labi stated that the company would offer a weekly payment plan, training workshops, insurance and maintenance schedules, including tracking all vehicles in real-time on the road to understand rider behaviours and drive road safety.

Valerie labi, CEO of Wahu Mobility. Image Credit: ELVIS NII NOI DOWUONA

With this we are creating a digital footprint of what riders earn, how they are paying off a fixed asset and how they ride,” Valerie Labi stated.

Between The Lines

At the event, Ms Labi also lobbied the local government to help reduce taxes on imported raw materials and semi-finished parts to enable Wahu Mobility to assemble bikes locally.

Ms Labi said as a producer of electric vehicles, her company was required to pay 58% tax on imported components.

She said also stated that if a customer who wanted a loan from the bank to buy an electric bike would need 120% collateral of the amount and be prepared to pay over 30% interest rate on the loan.

How does that help affordability? I truly believe that the key to transitioning the continent to electric mobility starts by prioritising affordability,” Ms Labi said.

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