eCampus Launches 4.0 Version Of Its Ed-Tech Platform

Joseph-Albert Kuuire
By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 3 Min Read

eCampus, the Ghanaian Education Technology company, recently launched the 4.0 version of their education platform for their users.

The announcement was made by eCampus CEO Cecil Nutakor at the recently held Tech In Ghana conference. The CEO also gave a presentation on how they scaled to French speaking countries in Africa at the conference.

eCampus Founder CEO, delivering his keynote on Venturing into New Markets – Francophone Africa at the official launching of eCampus version 4.0 at the 10th edition of Tech in Ghana Conference 2022, Accra – Ghana

New Features Of eCampus 4.0

The eCampus team improved the user experience across the entire platform. They integrated both Google and Apple ID for their sign up and sign in onboarding process.

eCampus version 4.0 user on boarding experience.

Users of the eCampus app will now be able to select areas they’re interested and get suggested courses based on their personal interests.

The eCampus 4.0 version also improved the search feature, added course categorisation for easier access and added a French language version for French speaking countries in Africa.

Home, Points, and Profile page experiences in eCampus version 4.0

How The eCampus Team Developed eCampus 4.0

In order to improve the user experience for eCampus 4.0, the team gathered vast amounts of feedback from their customers from 2019 to 2021. With all the feedback, the team designed the best flow to make the app more user friendly and simple.

Taking a timed test, getting your realtime scores, and reviewing previous tests results on eCampus version 4.0

After the revamp, eCampus stated that their customer feedback has been majorly positive.

The eCampus team will continue to work on improving the eCampus experience based on customer feedback and via the adoption and integration of new technology innovations.

eCampus has begun visiting some selected schools and institutions to interact directly with their users to better understand their personal and group use cases.

The team stated that work has already commenced for “eCampus 5.0” and is already in the R&D phase.

eCampus customers and users in English and French speaking Africa should expect superior technology innovations in their daily eCampus user experiences in 2023.

The new eCampus version 4.0 is available on web and mobile (Android and iOS)

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