Enshika Officially Launches In Ghana With Strong Incentives For Drivers

Joseph-Albert Kuuire
By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 2 Min Read

On Thursday afternoon at the Accra Mall, the ride-sharing app, Enshika, officially launched to the general public.

Described as a “lifestyle” app, Enshika is coming to the market with lots of features and incentives which is very likely to appeal to drivers and riders. Enshika already operates nationwide in Ghana and some of its incentives and features which level the playing field with the likes of Uber and Taxify.


Just like the other ride sharing apps like Uber and Taxify, Enshika works the same way with riders requesting rides on the app to their various locations. Enshika differentiates itself a bit by having an option whereby a rider can schedule for a ride at a later date on the app. Riders can also book rides using a USSD (*711*711#)

Enshika has other various features on its platform including an SOS button for emergencies, multiple car options to choose such as Mini Cars and SUVs, and the ability to gain points and redeem them with some selected Enshika partners.

Strong Incentives For Drivers

Enshika is also strongly incentivizing its drivers with some strong features including getting Fuel on Credit at select fuel stations, an option to buy a Daily or Weekly pass and get 100% revenue during the Pass period and vehicle insurance for drivers which will be partly paid for by Enshika.

Worthy Competition For Uber?

Uber is the main name in Ghana at the moment but Enshika is definitely coming in with some features which could lure away some Uber drivers if Enshika play their cards right. Incentivizing riders with Points for riding on the platform is a great gamification tool which other ride-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber US are currently implementing a rewards program themselves.

All in all, competition in the market is great, especially for riders in Ghana.

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