Is Google Glass Finally Dead?

Joseph-Albert Kuuire
By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 2 Min Read

Google’s AR device, Google Glass, looks like it has officially hit the end of the road.

In a post from 9to5Google, a help document has revealed that Google will end support for the headset on September 15th.

In the document, the Google Glass devices will still work after the support date but there will be more software updates.

The app may stop working at any time after September 15, 2023,” warns Google’s support page, before saying that “Google will continue to replace devices under the existing process” until that date.

About Google Glass

Google Glass was officially announced in 2014 with the first edition, “Glass Explorers”, and was sold to about 8000 users for $1,500. The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 was announced in 2019 and sold for $999.

The company pitched it as a way to give people working in medical, agricultural, and factory settings a heads-up display that would feed them information while keeping their hands free.

Will Google Glass Come Back?

At the moment, it doesn’t look like Google Glass will be making a comeback anytime soon. The official website thanks visitors and says it will be supporting the device till September 15, 2023.

It was a novel device but it looks like it failed to succeed in the market.

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