Tech Ecosystem Data Portal

The Tech Nova tech ecosystem portal serves as a centralized repository of information on various aspects of the Ghanaian tech ecosystem, including funding, and startup activity. The portal contains startups, founders, funding data, and other information that users will find useful in the tech space in Ghana. You can subscribe to our data portal* for only […]


Welcome to our podcasts page. Listen to our shows at your home, at your place of work or on the go. What’s Your Story In our show “What’s Your Story, we talk to founders, entrepreneurs, business people, and creatives about their projects, startup companies, businesses, and careers. Subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Google or Afripods The […]

Tech Startups Companies In Ghana

This list features tech companies and tech startups in Ghana. The list covers companies from different sectors including fintech, agriculture, and more. This list will continuously be updated as we get more information. Requirements: Company must be active (In operation for at least 3 months) and be located in Ghana. The company needs to provide […]