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By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 2 Min Read

In today’s connected world, having reliable internet service is crucial for both personal and professional needs. This guide aims to provide information about internet service in Ghana, ensuring you stay connected with ease and efficiency

Before choosing an internet service provider (ISP), assess your internet usage. Consider factors such as the number of users, required bandwidth, and types of online activities (eg streaming, gaming etc)

Mobile Data and Internet

Currently, Ghana has three main mobile internet:

  • MTN
  • Telecel (formerly Vodafone)
  • AT (formerly AirtelTigo)
CarrierServicesE-SimService PlansAverage Cost of 1GB of data
MTN4G, 3GYesPay As You Go (PAYG), Post PaidGHC 5 (24-hr Use), ~GHC 12 (PAYG)
Telecel4G, 3GNoPay As You Go (PAYG), Post Paid~GHC 7 (24hr Use), GHC 10 (PAYG)
AT 3GYesPay As You Go (PAYG), Post PaidGHC 10 (PAYG)

Home Broadband Internet Service

There are a couple of Internet Service providers that offer broadband and fibre internet services for both consumers and businesses.

CarrierServiceAverage Cost of 10GB of Data
MTNMobile/Fibre BroadbandGHC 40
TelecelMobile/Fibre Broadband~GHC 50
BluetownBroadbandGHC 275 (Unlimited)
Tizeti/Ghana WifiBroadbandGHC 300 (Unlimited)
Teledata ICTBroadbandGHC 321 (Unlimited)
StarlinkSatellite Internet (Available in Q3 2024)~GHC 1700 (Unlimited)

Is 5G Available?

5G service is not yet available in Ghana. MTN had plans of piloting 5G service a couple of years but those plans were shelved.

Currently, the National Communications Authority is working on a “shared” network where all telecom companies would be able to access 5G for a more balanced and competitive playing field.

Our Recommendation

We would recommend MTN for both mobile data and home internet. The MTN appears to be the most reliable and best service currently on the market.

If you need a dedicated line for broadband, Telecel or Teledata would also work best.

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Joseph-Albert Kuuire is the creator, editor, and journalist at Tech Labari. Email: Twitter: @jakuuire
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