Moove Rolls Out Vehicle Advertising In South Africa, Ghana and India

Joseph-Albert Kuuire
By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 3 Min Read

Moove, a fintech mobility startup, is rolling out Vehicle Advertising in South Africa, Ghana, and India, which will allow customers to leverage the power of the exposure that their vehicles receive to draw an additional income stream. 

Driving The News

According to Moove, with the introduction of advertising revenue, Moove customers can receive an additional income stream through their digital payment platform, the Moove App and Wallet.

This allows them to receive payments directly, effectively providing a banking alternative and expanding their financial options.

What They’re Saying

We understand the value of a symbiotic partnership between Moove, our loyal customers, and advertisers. Such a partnership will not only empower our customers and enhance their earning potential but also contribute to the growth of local businesses, and ultimately boost the economic prosperity of Ghana.

With the help of this innovative vehicle advertising strategy, every journey with Moove will transform into an avenue for success and mutual benefit and we appreciate the trust and patronage that our customers bestow upon us,” Jephthah Datsomor, Country Manager, Ghana.

We are immensely proud to launch the road safety awareness program in South Africa, which reflects Moove’s unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of safe and responsible driving. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of education and awareness to transform our roads and protect lives.

With this program, we aim to equip every Moove customer with the knowledge and skills to drive responsibly and make informed decisions on the road“, Warren Peters, Country Manager, South Africa 

Why This Matters

According to Moove, every trip with a Moove vehicle can help businesses gain exposure to multiple demographics, broadening their reach and potential customer base.

Approximately 2.4 people accompany each trip—this translates into an astounding number of brand-specific impressions per week. Each vehicle completes around 50 trips per week, with an average trip duration of 40 minutes in a Moove vehicle. This means that during these commutes, passengers are focused on the space around them, making them a receptive audience for each message.

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