Telecel Ghana Is Having A Rough Time After Its Rebrand

After officially taking over from Vodafone, Telecel has so far failed to distinguish itself from its predecessor

By Joseph-Albert Kuuire 2 Min Read

On March 12th, 2024, Vodafone Ghana officially rebranded to Telecel Ghana.

Telecel Ghana gained full control over various operations previously managed by Vodafone, including fixed telephone lines, internet services, voice and data services, as well as cash transfer and other business services.

The transition followed the acquisition of a 70% majority stake in Vodafone Ghana by the Telecel Group.

But since its official transition, Telecel Ghana hasn’t had smooth sailing in distinguishing itself from its predecessor.

Increasing Dissatisfaction From Customers Online

Beforehand, users of then Vodafone Ghana, had experienced poor network connectivity and most displayed their displeasure through social media.

But now even with the official rebranding, those issues continue to persist with customers saying the problems appear to have worsened.

Stagnant Market Share

During the public event for Telecel’s rebranding, Group CEO Mo Damush stated that Telecel will lead the market in the Ghana telecommunications market after its takeover from Vodafone.

The company has a huge hill to climb to achieve its ambitions. Since 2017, Vodafone/Telecel’s market share in both Voice and Mobile Data has been on the downturn.

In 2022, Telecel had just 14.15% of the Mobile Data market share and 18.97% of the Voice market share in Ghana.

Dispute with ATC Over Payments

Last week, ATC Ghana, the tower company which hosts telecom companies' equipment as well as supply power to the equipment, put out a public statement stating that Telecel Ghana has failed in its payment obligation. The tower company subsequently cut off the power supply to Telecel's network equipment hosted on its towers.

Telecel Ghana refuted this and stated that ATC Ghana's statement about non-payment was "false".

The Ministry of Communication and Digitisation stepped in and following discussions between Telecel and ATC, instructed AT Ghana to resupply power to Telecel. The NCA will arbitrate the issue of "non-payment" between the two companies.

5G To The Rescue?

In May 2024, it was announced Next-Gen Infra Co (NGIC) will begin operations by the end of this year and will provide 5G broadband services to mobile operators and internet service providers in Ghana.

Companies including Telecel Ghana and AT Ghana will make use of a 5G public network infrastructure provided by NGIC.

The Minister of Communications stated that 5G will be operational by September. With 5G in place, Telecel may be able to provide extra services to its customers.

But the question is, will it be enough to satisfy its base, especially given the fact that MTN, the current market leader, could also be making use of the 5G public infrastructure.

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Joseph-Albert Kuuire is the creator, editor, and journalist at Tech Labari. Email: Twitter: @jakuuire
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